" It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are." Here at Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio, we believe there are no truer words to photography than this. We love to find that perfect moment, and turn it into a memory forever framed on your wall, or placed on your mantle for all to see. To us a photo, is more than a face or a moment. Photography is life, taken and allowed, for that instance in time, to stand still. Treasured always for its essence.  


Cherry Blossom specializes in Weddings, Family & Children Portraiture and School PAC Fundraisers. 


Portrait Sessions - Family and Children 

A place where, together, we can create beautiful moments captured in time. From a sweet sleeping infant, cradled in your arms, to your rambunctious toddler jumping in the air. Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio harmonizes you and your loved ones, your location of choice, and all the joy and laughter of that day to make memories that last a lifetime. 


Weddings - Engagement, Wedding, Traditional ceremonies 

Our approach is a personable one. Learning about all the little details will allow us to make our photography a reflection of who you are as a couple. Our imagery tends to lean towards a romantic, timeless quality that will keep the memories alive even when your kids are fully grown and having little ones of their own.

P.A.C Fundraisers - 

Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio is proud to Support local schools' Parental Advisory Committees. We work with both the school and P.A.C. to make sure Families have a fun photo night with lots of affordable buying options while capturing memorable moments! 

We invite you to experience a higher level of professionalism in front of the Camera. Be it your Wedding, portrait session, school pac event, and much more. Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio brings every detail, every emotion, & every piece of the picture to Life.