Welcome to our P.A.C. Fundraiser Page


Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio is thrilled to partner with local schools P.A.C.'s. It's an amazing opportunity for your parents to get great professional portraits while helping raise funds for school activities! We work with both the school and P.A.C.'s to make sure Families get a fun photo night with lots of affordable buying options. 


Here is an overview of the services that Cherry Blossom can provide:




During the holiday season we know how hard it is to get everything ready for your family's holiday traditions. With purchasing presents to arranging which house everyone is going to meet at this year, not to mention who's cooking what!? Then there is the annual Christmas photo. With a little co-ordination between the School, your P.A.C. and Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio we can make at least one of those chores quick and fun for all. 

How it works is between the School, P.A.C. and Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio we pick the date that works best for everyone. The School supplies the room, the P.A.C. is in charge of signing up families & collecting sitting fees and Cherry Blossom turns the room into a photography studio for the evening. Best Part is the there is no cost to P.A.C. and P.A.C. keeps all the sitting fees collected!!! About a week and a half later everyone who participated will receive an email with a link and password to their own personal online gallery.    

child kissing mom on fall / autumn background with hay and pumpkins. Family dressed in Christmas pyjamas portrait shoot. Family, two parents and two girls posing for Christmas photo.




Our most favorite session! Parents register their children online and we get to spend more time with each child capturing their true selves. We discuss location with parents ahead of time and suggest colour of wardrobe that would go best with. It also give parents an opportunity to tell us a little about their child and any instructions or concerns they may have. Sessions will take place at a park or other location with a nice view to use as our background.

P.A.C. sets a date and Cherry Blossom Portrait Studio sets up a registration page. You pick your time slot and pay sitting fee at the same time. Closer to the date you will receive a call to discuss location, what to wear and all that good stuff. A reminder email will also be sent out a day before just to make sure everyone is ready. P.A.C. gets to Keep all the sitting fees!!!


child smiling in field wearing hat. Mini session portrait of a girl in nature.



​Geared more towards the pre-schools and Montessori P.A.C.s This is one is so cute!
Our kids grow up so fast that we know how important capturing their milestones is to every parent. We are honored to be part of this very important time and to share in this memory. We take extra care to make sure we capture it right! 

We usually plan to do these at end of school year for those moving on to elementary school from ECE. We bring in a backdrop, set up lights and mini graduation gowns complete with hat. Weather permitting, we can also take this sitting outside. This is a great option if your school is small or if you have a nice campus. 


Girl in yellow graduation gown and cap smiling. Boy in Blue graduation gown and cap holding scroll outside photo shoot.